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Shooting Station produces elevated visual content for all channels, from marketing and advertising to ecommerce and social media…

Full service or a la crate, concept to post-production, one shot or thousands. Working inside a studio or on location, we take on everyting from single-day shoots to ongoing relationships that involve thousands of SKUs and thousands of shots.


Every full-service client is assigned a dedicated producer. We expertly manage every detail, so our clients and creative teams can focus on getting the best shots.








A. It’s an organization which brings together the right kind of talent according to your brand requirement. You are guided and kept in the loop through the whole process which gives you an exact estimate of the result before the job actually begins. The finished product is ultimately a better imagery in the end.

A. Please send us an email with your details, 

For e.g 

A. Product type ( Lingerie, Denims, Shirts, T shirts, Dresses, Sunglasses, Watches etc) B. Number of articles. C. A ref image of your visual desire.

We will surely get back to you within 24 hours.

A. We majorily specialize in Fashion apparels.

A. Yes we also do products for our clients.

A. Major companies want to have uniformity in their look and feel and white backdrop becomes the easiest and fastest way to get smooth work flow. Also retouching becomes easier and quicker on a white backdrop.

In Premium E-commerce we create a stronger look and feel with advanced lighting & camera equipment, With our best in line Hair & makeup srtists we take up our standards a notch higher. Keeping the quality in mind we strive to achieve higher number of articles in a day

A. E-commerce is surely for the people those who shoot a lot of times in a year for their website or on any other e-commerce platform.

B. Premium Ecommerce clients are those who really care about the difference in their imagery. Such as export houses or any other luxury website or Luxury brand.

A. In both of these categories we incorporate individual aesthetics to create a brand language and an identity with the visuals. This obviously requires exclusive talents in each and every aspect of the shoot. Our artists work more on the look and feel than to the number of articles in a day. 

There is also a difference in the sets of both these categories.

While both are done inside a studio, a Look Book is done with a plainer backdrop which is more controlled and easier to have a better workflow and has a basic backdrop set up. The Premium lookbook on the other hand, requires a set designer and an extra time is spent for the setup and lighting.

A. If there is no special retouching requirement, we deliver the results in the next three working days.

Ans) We have a tie up with a lot of different modeling agencies and we also work with a lot of freelancing models as well. 

A. Depending on the clients requirement and budgets we present the options we can create and charge them as per the actuals with agency charges. The clients are free to be present at the time of props or sets are getting made with the vendors to maintain transparency they are also free to get the work done by themselves.


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